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Check PLKN 2014 Name List Online And SMS

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PLKN 2014

Candidates to the National Service Training Program (NSTP) Year 2014 (Year of Birth in 1996), you can make a check to find out if you are eligible to attend the NS series 11 of 2014 from 25 July 2013.

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To find out the current developments relating to the NS Series 11/2014, you are advised to browse the official website of the National Service Training Department

Candidates NS Series Revision Date 11/2014
Candidates NS Series 11/2014 can be checked at the end of July 2013

Checking In Online List Selected to the NS Series 11/2014
Checks can be made after the official date announced at the end of July 2013.

Video yang akan membuat anda memikirkan semula kehidupan anda.

Candidates can check by visiting the link title below:



Checks can be made through one of the applications below:


Revised List of Selected SMS to NS Series 11/2014
You can also check the status of the selection by using the Short Messaging Service (SMS)

Type: NS check <No.KP> to 15888

or phone 03-40274747

Note: Application review Link 1 and Link 2 can only be made in July 2013 after the session opened NS 2014 and NS announced on Website

5 Komentar untuk "Check PLKN 2014 Name List Online And SMS "

Yg link 2 tu untuk siri 10/2013. Kalau check mmglah tak terpilih. Link 1 tak boleh buka lg. so mcmana tu? Jwapan link 2 tu boleh pakai ke? sy check ramai org semua tak terepilih.

This is the new link. be patient since there are a lots of users currently trying to access the apps

Assuming my result is that I'm not chosen, does that mean only for the first batch or for the entire year?

is the name list on the website confirmed or it is not?

Confirmed if your name was inside 11/2014 list...

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